Living As A Daughter Of Promise

Jesus is a lovely and beautiful Savior. He is full of glory and this upcoming series is to make so much of Him that there is no doubt in our minds that the only One who transforms orphans into sons and daughters is Him. Orphans are of the earth. Children are begotten of God and are made in heaven.

Our emotional wells are deep and living on this earth leaves gaping holes that only God can fill. It takes us a long time to learn how to hear Him speak to us. Until then, we hide from Him. We blame Him. We search for Him in wrong places. We mis-perceive Him and judge Him. But ah, when we find Him, everything changes. This glorious God becomes our new Father, through Christ, but what it looks like to be raised by an invisible God can be somewhat confusing. We call ourselves His children, but do we live and thrive with all the privileges of fully adopted children? Do we function, consciously, as children who are being parented by God?

And that is the reason for this series. Personally, I am not whole yet. But I am not crippled anymore. I often limp but I’ve found my legs and I feel God’s wind behind me. The healing journey of fully living as God’s child will take me a lifetime but I’m grateful for what He’s taught me so far. Each piece of instruction has felt like the golden whispered secrets spoken between two who love each other and can’t stop talking late into the night.

It is this journey which I long to share with you. God knows my heart for you. I’ve seen your faces in my dreams; curious, tentative, even a little hopeful that God’s love is for real and His power is available to you in all the places where powerlessness has snuffed out the promise of an abundant life. My prayer today is that God will prepare your heart; prepare to break through the fog of pain and misunderstanding that obscures Him so that you may see His glory and hear Your call to live.

It is time to consider coming out of the shadows to live life loved. On Monday, we’ll begin exploring the ways we are invited to partake in a holy Father/daughter relationship. Each principle is a privilege but each is also activated by an act of faith. It’s the call to put down the sword against those who couldn’t, or wouldn’t, give us what we needed. Instead, it’s the call of the Father to raise our eyes to the One who can be everything to us as He walks us, step by step, to our home with Him in heaven.

“Your fame spread among the nations on account of your beauty, because the splendor I had given to you made your beauty perfect,” declares the Sovereign Lord.   Ezekiel 16:14

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