Download your free E-book.

For the past 9 days, I’ve been writing about meditating on the scriptures.  I felt prompted to compile them all together into an E-booklet.  It is free and you can download it here.  Share it with friends, your Sunday School class, or your small group.

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2 thoughts on “Download your free E-book.

  1. Thank you, Christine! I love you so much. So very thankful foryour ministries and how you’ve helped my walk with the Lord. He is so wonderful! I read so very many of your postings over and over again. I hope to one attend one of your live training sessions. You are a blessing to me. And your daughter as well! What a joy!

  2. Thank you. I can read it over and over. Like you said, reading it, between the lines, I will get something new everytime. Eileen

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