What Is Worthless?

If you extract the precious from the worthless, You will become My spokesman. Jeremiah 15:19 

It’s hard to imagine that scripture would attribute the word ‘worthless’ to men, but it does. When used as an adjective in the Old Testament, it means that certain men are evil scoundrels that plot wickedness.

Thoughts can also be worthless.  When in distress, I am to do some sifting by extracting the precious from the worthless. What thoughts/beliefs are worthless? The ones related to the kingdom of darkness. I am to cast them away because they have no value. They are not just worthless but also destructive and deadly. Here are a few.

I don’t see how God can ever fix this.

This is hopeless.

God must not love me.

God is a redeemer but not of this particular trial.

If I sum these up these beliefs, and all other worthless thoughts, they have two things in common. 1.) They are faithless and, 2.) They attack God’s character.  So, what are precious thoughts? Faith-filled words of scripture and the worship of God’s character. When I throw away what kills my faith and embrace the words of Life, my faith will please God.

Today, my rhetoric tells on me; both my self-talk and my careless conversations with others. My words will reveal whether my heart harbors ‘the worthless or the precious.’

We are all spokesmen. Unbelievers will speak eloquently to unknowingly promote the agenda of their father, the devil. Believers will speak eloquently to intentionally promote the agenda of their Father in heaven. What is tragic is when a faithless believer speaks the worthless and ends up promoting the anti-kingdom. This is all too common.

So today, I am tough on my worthless thoughts. I renounce them and cast them into the sea.  Turning around, I clutch the precious promises of God with both hands.

I never have a reason to be faithless. I boldly speak the precious words of faith. Amen

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