The Extreme

Jesus knew that the Father had put all things under His power.  He took off his outer clothing, and wrapped a towel around His waist.  John 13:3-4
These are dark days.  There is something sad in the air.  Jesus talks of dying. The disciples’ dream of Jesus’ kingdom coming to pass in their lifetime is shattered.  Their group is fractured by the revelation that Judas is a traitor. There are eleven left.  They are stunned and sad.
Jesus, the ultimate communicator, doesn’t need words.  Sometimes words aren’t as effective as a physical gesture.  He connects with their hearts through an act that will astound them for years to come.  He washes their feet.
In Jesus’ time, only the lower servant in a household was given the chore of washing a guest’s foot.  Is Jesus minimizing His divinity?  No.  “The Father had put all things under His power.”  He is from eternity past and will inherit eternity future. With keen awareness of His deity, He chooses to love in the most humble way possible.  Can you close your eyes and feel the wonder? The men are incredulous, awkward, awed, and touched.  The sound of water lapping over the tops of their feet is the only sound in the room.  Jesus takes His time.  In the minutes it takes to love these men, every moment was pregnant with meaning.
This is the way Jesus says good-bye.  He chooses this act to say, “I love you.” Little do they know that a greater act will follow on a hill called Calvary.  But for now, they partake in something earthly made holy.
Jesus, I need a lifetime to comprehend how low you stooped to love me.  Give me courage to receive it.  Cleanse me from the soil of my sin.  Prepare my feet for eternity.  Amen

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