The Power Of God On Full Display

And Œwas declared to be the Son of God in power, according to the Spirit of holiness by his resurrection from the dead, Jesus Christ our Lord.  Romans 1:3-4

Jesus had always been God and He had always been powerful.  But when He came as a babe, flesh veiled that power.  It wasn’t until the resurrection that the earth was reminded again of the power of the One who had lived for three decades and then died a criminal’s death on a cross. Through the empty tomb, the ‘Son of God in power’ was again on full display.

What we have to remember is this; life in the flesh just veiled His power; it didn’t erase it.  He held it in check, by choice, through His obedience to His Father’s greater plan.  Jesus didn’t come to earth to set up His kingdom; He came to take care of our sin problem.  We needed a Savior first, then a King.

The Jews who were being crushed under the Roman government were so wanting a King to deliver them from their oppressors that they couldn’t appreciate the gift this Savior was giving them. Pain obscures our vision too.  What we often need the most is not what we think we need.  That which crushes our heart today can so fill our field of vision that deliverance from it is all that we pray for.  When God doesn’t cooperate by removing our version of the ‘Roman boot of oppression’, we can easily become disillusioned, just like the people of Jesus’ day.

One day, Jesus will set up His kingdom.  He won’t wear a crown of thorns but a royal crown.  His robe won’t be torn to pieces and sold as souvenirs.  The trail of His robe will fill the temple.  In the meantime, you can trust your Savior and King to give you what you need most, even when your own vision is obscured by your flesh.

When you’re frustrated and your eyes are filled with the tears of misunderstanding, Jesus knows.  He experienced the limitations and temptations of the flesh and knows the difficult path of faith and trust inside these mortal bodies.

You are my Savior and my King.  Amen

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