Famous Last Words

Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth.  John 17:17

Jesus’ prayer, just hours before His arrest, are like famous last words.  This is what was on His heart as He prayed for His disciples.  He loved His Father, loved the truth, and wanted scripture to live in His friends no matter what circumstances they would experience.

Some days, God’s Word feels like a feast and I treasure it.  Other days, when it convicts, I have to ask God to change my affections so that I can treasure it.

Savoring Bible

There are days when I’m prone to worry.  Do I delight in His words that address my fear?  There are moments that I’m depressed over my mistakes.  Do I take joy in His words that remind me of His daily mercies?  I’m prone to silently nurse a grudge.  Do I love His words about forgiveness?   I can easily be like a child who loves commandments that are appealing but despises those which tell me something I don’t want to hear.  Jesus loved and honored the Word with His whole heart and with His whole life.  He never struggled to want to love righteousness.

Every single day brings a set of circumstances that challenge my love for God’s ways.  I will not instinctively love His Word when it corrects me or causes me to stretch out of my comfort zone.  When Jesus beckons me to move out of a familiar set of emotions that aren’t good for me, though they are as comfortable as my favorite old shirt and a pair of jeans, I need to understand that the outfit is really a set of grave clothes.  Jesus calls every child to come out of the tomb into resurrection life.  Just like Him.  That sounds inspirational and appealing until I find how resistant I am to the Light.  When it exposes my darkness, I can be offended and never get over it.   With my poor choices, I show that I prefer to live in my tomb.  The ways of the flesh are the ways of death.  I know this, yet they’re just so ingrained in this fallen nature.  I must ask God, many times a day, to change my heart so that I embrace His ways.

As I trust God enough to push through my offense into obedience, I realize that I have found freedom.  Delighting, then, comes easily.

I need Your grace to desire You.  Keep my heart alive and straining for the Light. In Jesus name,  Amen

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