Jesus Changes The Subject

Jesus answered, “Very truly, I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God without being born from above.”  John 3:3

Nicodemus came for a private teaching instruction from Jesus.  Instead of getting what he anticipated, Jesus changed the topic entirely.  I can imagine Nicodemus was greatly confused.  He was one of the most brilliant of the Jewish religious leaders, schooled his entire life in the scriptures, yet Jesus spoke of things for which he had no knowledge or experience, something as elementary as being born into the kingdom.

What I perceive as my greatest spiritual need can be way off base.  Though I think I know myself, I never see myself as God sees me.  I think I need one thing; God would say that I need another.

Single retro microphone against colourful background with lights

Some years ago, I was aware that I was losing the edge of my singing voice.  I prayed diligently for some years for God to heal it. He didn’t.  I was asking for one thing but God needed to address another, a subject related to my voice.  He was not concerned, necessarily, about my singing as He was about the strength of my voice in general.  My boldness was veiled under a layer of fear of perception.  God’s agenda was to take me on a journey of healing so that my voice, whether speaking or singing, was strengthened to say what I was born to say.  It was a seven year adventure.  Asking for one thing but God addressing another has certainly been my experience.

Perhaps you are there today.  Your frustration with God is high.  You might even assume that He’s not listening to you when you ask for what you think you need.  He most surely is.  He is the great Physician of the soul and though he cares about your desires, His passion is for your greatest good and that overrides your limited view of yourself.  Just as Nicodemus had to stretch beyond his expectations of this short visit with Jesus to go to an uncomfortable place of spiritual need, God’s children must do the same.

Jesus, I trust You to give me what I need.  Show me if what I’m praying for is stuck because my ears need to hear You about something else.  Amen

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