What Comes With Belonging

I am yours, save me!  Psalm 119:94

Some time ago, my husband was out doing errands when he saw a heavy set older woman lying in a parking lot, bleeding.  She had fallen outside her car.  An even older woman was at her side, trying to help her turn over to get up, but it was obvious that she was not being succesful.  A crowd stood around; no one seemed particularly interested in doing anything but watching.  You see, the woman who fell didn’t belong to any of them.  She was not part of their family.

Ron went over, knelt down, and asked them if they needed help.  “Oh please!”, the injured woman pleaded.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and he lifted her off the ground and took assessment of the situation to see if an EMT was needed.  She declined the help and after a few minutes declared that she was able to drive home, even though she was scraped up pretty badly.

Doctor holding a senior patiens 's hand on a walking stick - special medical care concept for Alzheimer 's syndrome.

If she had been someone’s mother in the crowd, there probably would have been earlier aid.  But she belonged to no one there and couldn’t ask for help.  She couldn’t say what David said to the Lord when he was in trouble.  “I am yours, so save me!”  With ownership comes responsibity and God steps up to the plate with care and faithfulness.  With belonging comes security and the privilege of begging for intervention.  No child of God should swallow their tongue and fail to ask for what they need.  Each has a Father who loves to give and who celebrates need.

What scars my ability to ask boldly are the memories of having belonged somewhere only to have my status ignored.  I ‘technically’ belonged to a family, by virtue of birth, but made to feel that I didn’t belong.  These dynamics are the stuff of earth, of the kingdom of darkness.  Earth is Satan’s orphanage but Jesus died to forgive me and adopt me to make me His own.  I can not be snatched out of His hand.  My status will never change and His love for me will never flicker for a second.  My need does not surprise Him.  He knew well my orphan-story.

    Wherever things are ragged today, wherever I need saving, I have a heavenly Father who reminds me through His Word that I belong.  With that privilege comes the right to echo David’s words.  “I am yours, save me!” 

This story of belonging is not like any other.  Amen

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