The ‘Help Me!’ Prayer

All your commandments are sure; they persecute me with falsehood; help me!  Psalm 119:86

All God’s commandments are pure, providing a security that can only be found in a strong foundation.  When we are persecuted unjustly, our feet are standing on the stones of the kingdom.  Circling us, at every side, are towering pillars of truth.  Even though we are granted this kind of support, it’s still difficult to stand in the gale force winds of harassment without God’s help.  Only the grace of His presence will sustain us.

When I’m in a mild kind of discomfort, I find that I can pray at length about my predicament.  My words are plentiful.  But let that discomfort increase to a pain that is excruciating and my words are reduced to one simple phrase, “Jesus, help!”

There’s nothing in the world wrong with that prayer.  Jesus is the one to call on.  Only He can deliver.  Only He can infuse my weakened heart with spiritual fiber.  Only He can enable me to sustain spiritual integrity in the face of taunting. His name, in and of itself, carries spiritual power.  Each facet of His many names carry a promise.  Hanging onto them, in hope, builds strength and intimacy.

Perhaps you are in a pit.  The story of what sent you there is too long to tell anyone.  Open your mouth and cry out, “Jesus, help!”   This should be on my tongue without excuse, without apology.  Jesus never belittles need.  He tells us that we don’t ask for enough, don’t need Him enough.  What a blanket invitation for any stoic.

Jesus, the worst thing I can do when I’m in a pit is forget that I can cry out to You for help.  I grew up ashamed for needing anyone or anything but You’ve taught me to live differently.   I will not shut my mouth when I need speak up. Amen

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One thought on “The ‘Help Me!’ Prayer

  1. “Jesus help” or just “Jesus” is a daily prayer for me and has been for the past few months. He gets me through each day. Thank you Lord

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