Prayer to Love More Like Jesus

May the Lord cause you to increase and abound in love for one another, and for all men, just as we also do for you.  I Thessalonians 3:12

Jesus, I am so aware that I don’t love like You love.  Far from it.  I am sad about that.  I need the Word and Your Spirit to change me.  I know that I won’t feel affection for everyone around me because some don’t act like You.  You have taught me that I am not pressured to conjure up warm emotions for those who act more like an enemy than a friend.  But love is active and You ask me to love like You do.

Photo illustration by Dale Kalus

Infuse my heart with Your Spirit.  Empower me to love regardless of what someone near me does or doesn’t do.

  • Your love is long suffering.  Change me.  I get exasperated easily even if my face doesn’t show it.  Change my heart so that it takes a long time to get hot.
  • Your love is kind.  Change me.  I can be more passionate and tender toward those whom I believe are deserving.
  • Your love is not jealous.  Change me. I want to be able to celebrate the successes of others, especially those whose gifts eclipse my own.
  • Your love vaunts not itself.  Change me.  I need encouragement, not criticism, on my tongue.  My first thoughts are often judgemental.
  • Your love is not puffed up.  Change me.  Work in me the spirit of humility.  Remind me of who I really am without Your work of grace.  Help me to live small.
  • Your love seeks not its own.  Change me.  You came to earth for my best interest, not Your own.  Help me become someone who does not think of my own rights, but seeks opportunities to serve others in Your name.
  • Your love takes no account of evil.  Change me.  I can be weak.  I can ignore evil instead of confronting it.  Give me courage; both to speak and to refrain from taking revenge when wronged.

Forgive me for when I’ve allowed my natural affections to determine my actions.  Oh, how I want Your Spirit to breathe through the pores of my life.  Live large in me, Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen


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