A Rejection That Has History

I am small and despised, yet I do not forget your precepts.  Psalm 119:141

God chooses the foolish, the ones who are already peculiar and despised.  Once chosen, we are despised to an even greater extent because we are God’s.  As a result, we can feel small.  If ever we needed God’s Word, it’s when we are low.

All Alone Window

Because God calls out the ones who are not likely to be chosen in this world, there is already rejection written on the psyche of His child.  There are familiar mental pathways of worthlessness inside of him that feel like second nature.  To be spurned by family and friends, then to be spurned for the cause of Christ, can feel the same even though the causes are radically different.

As God’s child, I don’t need to sort it out all out today.  The spiritual cure is the same no matter where rejection comes from.  It was for David, whether spurned by his brothers, spurned by long-time friends, or spurned by his enemies.  He ran to the shelter of God’s love and immersed Himself in the promises of God’s faithful love.

There are many reasons I might feel the sting of inadequacy today.  I can take them to heart and nurse my insecurity.  Or, I can understand that this very moment is an exercise to live by faith, to stand tall and declare that no one has the right to define my worth except my creator.  My place with Jesus is a home I never have to earn.  It just ‘is’.

I used to feel small and hide from others.  Now, I remember who You say I am and rise to full stature.  I am unworthy of Your love, Lord, but I embrace it with an insatiable appetite for more of You.  In Jesus name, Amen

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