It’s Called Redemption


The wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous.  Proverbs 13:22

            Look at Solomon’s words. Do you believe this outrageous claim?  Could it be true that when others deprive you of what is rightfully yours and hoard it for themselves, that God wants to repay it to you another way?  Could it be true that the losses you experience, even when inflicted by those in a position to intentionally hurt you, will be restored down the road?  God says that the answer is yes.  It’s called redemption.  Take Romans 8:28, erase the damage done by those who have recited it to us as platitudes, and consider this golden promise again.  “God makes all things work together for good who are called according to His purpose.”

            Live long enough and you will experience pain. For many, their innocence is shattered in childhood. For others, it is fractured in marriage when the one they believe loves them like no other discards them without much thought. Add to these losses the death of parents and children, the disintegration of dreams, the erosion of financial security, and we can end up believing that our best years have already been lived. We begin to mark time to just make it until glory.

            Once, while in the pit of disillusionment, God spoke to me about new beginnings and His power to redeem ashes.  I was to grieve the losses, trust Him to be my Redeemer, and stand in the promises until I could see them come true.  Some, I’ve already experienced and I’ve been astounded how God can mastermind a fresh start when I can’t begin to envision it. But, I am still waiting for redemption regarding other losses. God may choose to redeem them here on earth but just as often, redemption happens in eternity.  No matter, it’s promised, it’s coming, and it’s a sure thing.  

            God will make all things work together for good – but it’s a cooperative effort.  If I do nothing but mourn my losses, nurse grudges, and choose to be skeptical about God’s promises, I will stay in ashes.  If I believe, by faith, that God is redemptive, if I stand in His words and walk toward a new Promised Land by faith, then I will see His power displayed in my story.  A child of God is to experience the paradigm of God’s economic system.  “The more broken your story, the more powerful your deliverance.” 

I am taking Your hand and I’m walking into every one of Your promises.  I won’t pick and choose the ones I think I can trust. Help my unbelief. In Jesus name, Amen


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