What’s Your Secret?


The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life, to turn aside from the snares of death.  Proverbs 13:14

            The older I get, the more I am in touch with the fact that my mind has turned into a running catalogue of information.  Perhaps like you, I’ve asked many I’ve admired, “What’s your secret?”  They might have answered in ten words or less but their advice went deep into my spirit and their words still live to this day.

            My inner library is constantly shifting.  As I learn yet another secret from a wise child of God, to own it might mean I have to replace an un-truth from someone I looked up to long ago.  They might have given me their advice with sincerity but, with time, I felt like I drank from a stagnant pool rather than a stream of living water. Later, I learned that Jesus regarded their instruction as foolishness. What often appeared to be good advice was revealed as flawed.

            It would be interesting to put five of my closest friends in a room and ask them to relate ten golden nuggets of wisdom imparted to them from those they have cherished.  One thing would become clear…many of their answers would not be surprising even though they are just sharing them for the first time.  Why is that? I would be able to see that the words they’ve owned have forged the choices of each one’s life.  Their lives have proven that the words lived and molded who they’ve become.

            Today, who I am is still being shaped by the words I have owned.  They govern my life just as surely as if I’ve typed them out daily and followed them to the letter.  For each one who has contributed to my wellspring of life, I am eternally grateful.  Some are with Jesus and at this moment, I bow my head and ask God to convey my thanks to them.  I can gulp today from their well of wisdom, recognize it as having come from Jesus, and discover that the drink is still as refreshing as the first day I tasted of it.

Your wisdom never loses its taste.  Thank you for each one who led me to the water’s edge.   In Jesus name, Amen

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