When I Am Fully Alive To God


But if Christ is in you, although the body is dead because of sin, the Spirit is life because of righteousness.  Romans 8:10

         How does a child of God explain the spiritual phenomenon of what it’s like to be God’s child?  To an unbeliever it doesn’t compute because human language is simply inadequate to really capture it.  How does one describe this experience with words that are limited?

One of the realities for the child of God is that he is alive to God.  I understand this, don’t you?  Everything God says and does impacts my heart.

There are many situations that can cause us to feel estranged from others.  Even though we may be near them in proximity, what we do simply doesn’t interest them.  Where we came from and what has shaped us is never really probed.  Our tears go unnoticed.  Our words are dismissed and forgotten.  It is as good as being dead to them.

When someone is alive to us, how differently it feels.  The contrast is so stark that it can feel frightening at first, but then comforting and lifegiving.

Paul is making this point.  If Christ is in me, the Spirit is alive to me.  I am alive to Him and He is alive to me.  See the pinks of an ocean sunset and my first thought is that the God who lives in me made that.  See someone terribly broken and I quickly think of how sad God must be when He continually witnesses the far-reaching effects of the fall.

To be alive to God is to have every word He says alive to me.  Scripture flies like a sweet arrow deep into my heart and I care deeply about that thought.  I also have the assurance that my words fly directly to His heart.  He waits for my company, longs for my stories, and is stirred by my words of affection.

Nothing He says or does is insignificant to me.  And nothing I say or do is insignificant to Him.  We are fully alive to each another.  This automatically translates to progressive sanctification.  I am changed, second by second, by every thought of Him.  The change is not strenuous but natural.

I’ve been dead to others.  Oh, I know the contrast.  I’m wonderfully alive to You and no one can steal it or change it.  This joy starts my day.  Amen

One thought on “When I Am Fully Alive To God

  1. Oh how I love that Christine. It fills me up to tears to know that the God who created the universe in its vast array, cares about every detail of my life. As you said how do we tell others of that feeling, that realism. The joy, peace, satisfaction, longing, love, that it brings to my heart and soul. Thank you for sharing this thought today. I am having some painful health issues, and it is such a blessed reminder for me.

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