Who Has The Key Of Knowledge?


The lips of the wise spread knowledge.  Proverbs 15:7

            Where can I find knowledge as God describes it? It is not in secular education.  It isn’t taught in every church, either.  In talking to religious leaders in Luke 11, Jesus warns them, “Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge.  You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering.”  Jesus is shocking His audience by announcing that it’s possible for religious leaders, inside religious institutions, to hinder God’s people from learning real wisdom.  The very ones who are to lead us into the holy of holies and connect us with the Author of knowledge, are leading us in circles in the outer courts.

            Who is it that can possess knowledge and where do I find it?  Isaiah says that there is a key that unlocks the door to it.  It is the fear of the Lord. The one who does not live in awe of God will never know the knowledge that scripture describes. The one who believes he already has an inordinate amount of it will be left wanting too.    

         Knowledge begins with humility about what I don’t know. To learn from Jesus, I must come as a child. I must also come as a sinful beggar looking for bread. With these defining my posture, I will believe what He tells me on every issue.  If He reveals that something needs to be pruned out of my life, I will cut it out without arguing.  If He tells me, like Abraham, to go to another place, I will pack my bags in faith.  No comfort zone will hold me back.  No family way will hinder me.  No church tradition will block my path. No group opinion will make me stumble. No loss will be too great when weighed against the value of knowing the mind of God.

            An antique key trembles in my hand.  With it, I am able to join the prophets of old in unlocking the wisdom of God.  When I ask God to show me my need, the key is polished and ready for use.  There’s no greater joy than inserting it into the keyhole and hearing the mechanism click.  God grants entrance when I hunger for every Word He speaks, then get up from my knees and put it into practice.  This is the blessed life.

I want the key to be mine. Humble what is yet proud in me. I submit myself to the very Word of Your mouth, no matter the cost.  In Jesus’ name, Amen

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