Daughters of Promise

There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.  Proverbs 14:12

            A twenty-four hour day is filled with dozens of decisions; some minor, some major.  For most us, minor decisions don’t present a problem.  At least we think we know the right thing to do.  Wouldn’t you agree?

            What if our own gut is leading us astray?  Scripture says it often will.  Our ‘take’ on things, though at the time it seems so right, lead us down the road to harmful spiritual consequences.

            I face ministry decisions daily that could easily be made by the logic of good marketing.  I may think I need to do whatever it takes to keep my name out there. God, though, may tell me to withdraw for a season. I may want to approach a certain church about hosting a women’s event. God may feel that their women are not ready for the message. He knows He needs to prepare the soil in ways I can’t see.  If I don’t take the time to pray about everything, I’ll expend the energy and scatter a few spiritual seeds with disappointing results.

            Jesus, who was perfect, didn’t move without praying to discern the will of His Father.  If He couldn’t trust His own instincts, how can I pretend to think it will work out well for me?  Every action was guided by His Father’s agenda. Today, God is still the only One who sees how all things fit together.

  • Someone today will seek a promotion.  They will assume they need to advocate for themselves or they will get lost in the lineup.  God may tell them to do nothing and trust Him.
  • Someone will have grounds to discipline their child.  Without guidance, they will assume they know the right measure of severity.  God may say, “Probe, listen, and understand. The root of their disobedience is not what you think.”
  • Someone will be persecuted and it will feel like the last straw in that relationship.  Their first instinct might be to deliver that speech they’ve been saving for an occasion like this.  God may say, “It’s not time to talk.  It’s time to fast for their turnaround.”

            As long as I’ve been in relationship with God, I can still be a foreigner to the ways of heaven. One thing I’ve learned however. Without bowing to God’s direction, I weave a trail of regrets.

Don’t let me defile anything by working independently of You. Amen

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