Daughters of Promise

Yahweh, we have awaited you – for your name and your memorial with long of soul.  With my soul I have longed for you in the night, indeed, in my inmost spirit I look for your dawning.  Isaiah 26:8-9

         Ever been in trouble and waited for someone to show up to rescue you?  Maybe they did come and you couldn’t hold the tears in when you saw them.  The same burst.

     Just as often, the opposite occurs.  Someone promised to help but got sidetracked and left you stranded.  You fended for yourself and the hurt is still profound.  Your ability to fully trust them has eroded.

         Isaiah says that Israel is waiting for God’s name and His memorial.  That means that they are waiting to see evidence of God living up to all that His name means.  What name are you waiting for today?  While my name, Christine, may mean just one thing, Yahweh has many names and each one is rich in meaning.  Which prayer will you make yours?  I’ve started what could be a very long list.

Come, El Hanne’eman, faithful God!  Those around me fail to see what I need.  They cannot tell how badly I am in trouble.  Come and support me, nourish me.

Come, El Emet, God of Truth!  People have woven webs of deceit.  Some of what I hear are half-truths, some half lies, but all spoken with treachery.  I can’t separate the strands of the web.  Come, loving truth-teller, and clear the fog.

Come, El Tsaddik, righteous God!  You see the injustice done against me.  Nothing is hidden from you.  I look to You to rule.  I take people off my hook and put them on Yours!

Come, El Shaddai, all sufficient One!  Everywhere I look, there is a deficit.  Financially, relationally, emotionally, even physically.  My life is anemic.  Come and let me tap into all that You are.

Come, El Roi, the God who sees me!  To so many, I am invisible.  They only see me when they need me to serve them.  Would you confirm, again, that I am the apple of Your eye?

         Join me in exploring the names of God today and zeroing in on the One you are longing to see arrive.  I will be crying out for El Tsaddik, righteous God.  There’s a situation where I am seeing evil win.  People are being hurt and can’t figure out what’s wrong.  Releasing the ungodly from my grip to God’s grip is the ultimate act of faith.

         You and I, arms linked together, serve One God.  Yet, so multifaceted.  To fail to explore His vastness is to fail to discover all that He is and all that He offers.  We have a Father like none other.  How well do we know Him?  Our expansive prayer language reveals the answer.

Listen, Father.  Your many names are being whispered reverently today.  Come and save ~ according to Your great name.  Amen

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