Daughters of Promise


Now we exhort you, brethren, warn those who are unruly, comfort the feebleminded, support the weak, be patient toward all men. I Thess. 5:14

Feeble (kaw-shal) ~ Those who are brought down, cast down, failing, overthrown, stumble badly.


         In the early 1990’s, life caught up with me. I succumbed to a severe depression. I became, what scripture calls, the feebleminded. I lost all ability to speak up for myself. I went to a well of wordlessness. Language disappeared and it was several years before I was able to take God’s hand to leave the shadows. This ministry, Daughters of Promise, was built, in part, upon the redemption of those ashes. I am passionate to speak to those who cannot find their own voice. Their eyes often tell their story in stony silence.

I learned firsthand that the feebleminded are of paramount importance to God. His heart breaks when the weak look to the strong to protect them but few actually stand in the gap.

I remember what it was like to bring both of my children home. I wasn’t all that familiar with the care of infants so my fear of just being able to keep them alive was real. Would I hold them wrong and would they break? Would I know how to care for them when they were sick? Would the temperature of their bathwater be right? Too cold and they would be hypothermic. Too hot and they’d burn. Everything about a baby is fragile. New mothers who value life give 100% of their focus to provide for, and protect, their child.

Let’s take a detour. I watched the recently released videos on the practices of Planned Parenthood. When the content turned gruesome, I willed myself to stick with it. The latest one revealed someone posing as a buyer of medical research specimens and an abortionist picking their way through the body parts of aborted babies. You can hear their dialogue as they picked up an arm, a liver, a brain, and a heart. “Yes, here’s a kidney. Completely in tact. Usable.” It didn’t take long to grasp that infants had to be murdered to acquire the organs they handled so carelessly. Babies cried for help but their screams were silent.

Satan weaves all evil plots well. Murder isn’t enough for him. He maximizes horror by setting the stage for the killing to take place when the unborn are farthest along in their development. Their organs are of most value when they are the most developed. This encourages those without a conscience to justify late term abortions.

Evil prospers on this day but there will be a day of reckoning. In the forty two years since Roe vs. Wade, fifty seven million babies have been slaughtered. Will we say something? The risks for expressing our grief and outrage run high but God implores us to rule our Garden, our sphere of influence, so we can bring the laws of heaven to earth. We are not only told to “abstain from evil deeds but to expose them.” Eph. 4:11

Does hope live amidst the murkiness of evil? Yes! Each of the fifty seven million infants are with God. They live. They thrive. Their stories have been redeemed. Each one has a name and they are hearing it whispered in their ears. They are rocked to sleep by night and grow in the kingdom by day.

Swinging in the Clouds

I serve a God who is tender enough to care for infant martyrs and powerful enough to judge those who don’t.

Complete this message, Lord. Let us feel what You feel about these little ones who are Your image bearers. In Jesus’ name, Amen

One thought on “When The Powerless Lose Their Voice

  1. Patricia says:

    Thank you again Christine. Personally, I have participated with Silent No More, women who regret
    their abortions, as well as 40 days for life. Abortion: One dead, two wounded. Remorse, repentance and redemption for the parents who have suffered this deadly deception.

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