For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures, we might have hope.  Romans 15:4

           Are you in a place of hopelessness?  Life has temporarily come apart.  You are exhausted and have no more fight to survive.  You are waiting for someone to come along and impart supernatural strength but so far, no one offers enough of what you need.  What must you do to make it?

            Paul, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, gives you and I the answer.  Courage and perseverance are the outgrowth of living in the stories, instruction, and promises of scripture.

            How does it work?  I’ll speak from personal experience.  When I’m running on empty, I come to Jesus and cry out for help.  I ask Him to open my heart to His Word.  I ask Him to do, supernaturally, what must be done so that His strength will override my weakness, so that His words will override my self-talk, so that His promises will override my helplessness.  Then, I ask God to take me to the scriptures that are mine for that day.  They may be the next few verses in the book that I’m currently studying or reading.  Or, He may whisper the name of another book entirely.  If I ask, He leads me to water.

            I stay on a verse until I feel something!  If I don’t feel hope stirring and the faint embers of an extinguished fire burning again, I stay put.  How can He not respond as I meditate on His very words?  He will react emotionally to His own words.

            Jesus did not leave any of us as orphans.  After leaving earth, He came to us in a better form.  He now lives in each of His children internally.  No limits to our intimacy.  No limits to accessibility.  And when I engage with the Letter He has written to me, He responds viscerally.  I can feel it.  I get up from my knees and my favorite chair with a new sense of strength.

            You and I can make it.  If we are God’s, He is fully invested in you and in me.  The Word we need is near.

Daily strength.  It’s not a cliché.  It’s whispered promises between lovers.  Amen

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