Ephraim feeds on the wind, and pursues the east wind continually.  Hosea 12:1

            The ‘east wind’ in all countries, is a parching, injurious wind.  What does it mean that God’s people are pursuing and feeding on a wind that is self-destructive?  They make alliances that are bad for them.  They feed off deals and agreements that are made by their own ingenuity, created without prayer and without regard for what God might have in mind.

            To hear many talk, ‘the big deal’ is always around the corner.  They’re always working on it and are quick to let others know that it’s going to be prosperous.  They are unwise though, to predict a success that always seems to elude them.  They have a need to make themselves look important by impressing others with what is in the works.  They fail to realize that those they boast to are astute enough to have noticed that there is a pattern of failed attempts.  The one who brags walks away from his audience and does not realize that he has left others shaking their head in a mixture of sympathy and, sometimes, disgust.

            It is a sad thing when I feed on the hopes of a prosperity I concoct with my own hands.  It’s like a carrot that dangles on a string.  I am self-deceived, failing to realize that ‘the big one’ is always one deal removed from me.  I sadly believe the lie that the big payoff is just around the corner.

            Success begins when I covet God’s plans more than my own.  More than just Christian rhetoric, I carve out a lifestyle of prayer, resting, and listening to God’s voice.  I do not move forward with anything without God’s consent and confirmation.  I have learned the hard way, believe me.  Whether it is the formation of a friendship, buying a home, or venturing into new phases of ministry, all decisions are subject to God’s approval and overall design.  Is God interested in this kind of detail?  Yes.  He is Lord of everything or not Lord at all.  To enjoy His fullest blessing on my life, I live to listen, then obey.  Whether the world perceives me as a success is not the point.  Have I followed God’s call for my life?  When I stand before Him, will He say, “Well done!”

I look to the North and feel Your wind upon my face.  Your favor is all that intoxicates me.  Amen

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