Daughters of Promise


I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1-2 

Help (boetheia) ~ At the first cry for help, there is the sound of running to give aid.


         Lord, I can hear Your people singing as they make their pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The stress of their lives had been unbearable but they held on to hope. They knew that they would be making their way to Your holy city. When they looked up to catch their first glimpse of the city walls, they no longer felt fatigued. They were infused with new strength to run the last mile.

         I am on my way home to you.   My heart has been weighed down by the what’s in front of my eyes. My vision has been earthbound as I’ve watched the unrighteous prosper. Cries have been stuck in my throat. Right now, I lift my eyes to the hills of Your holy mountain. Draw my soul out of the despair of deep waters. Lift my head to behold Your dwelling place and hold my gaze. Lock Your eyes upon mine. I choose to believe that with Your help, I will be able to prevail. Send help from Your sanctuary and support me from Zion. Psalm 20:2

         Thank you for taking my cry seriously. You don’t tell me to wait. You don’t rebuke me for needing You. You don’t promise help for another day. You don’t send less than I need. You are my Perfect Father. You hear Your child’s cry and You run immediately with grace to sustain. You even promise deliverance when it’s perfect timing. Don’t let me judge You when you send grace instead of deliverance. How often I have felt disappointment and stumbled over Your perceived inactivity. My hope plummeted when my expectations were not met.

         If today’s answer is grace instead of deliverance, I keep my eyes fixed on the hills of Your dwelling place. I rest in Your promises and rehearse Your comforting words that impart supernatural strength. My legs are no longer collapsing beneath me.

         Oh, but if today’s answer is deliverance, come with haste O righteous King. Deliver us with power. Expose evil. Save Your people. Save me. In Jesus’ name, Amen

One thought on “Prayer For Grace, Even Deliverance

  1. Louisa says:

    This prayer is so perfect for me today. My car wouldn’t start, and I began to complain to God and wondering why me. I’m trying to do right, and I was feeling sorry for myself. Wondering why all of the people who live close to me are not suffering through car troubles, and they don’t even claim to be believers. Thank you for speaking into my situation.

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