Daughters of Promise


Jude, a bond-servant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James, to those who are the called, beloved in God the Father, and kept for Jesus Christ.  Jude 1

Jude was the brother of James (James the less) and Simeon, and all three were the half-brothers of Jesus.  They had at least one thing in common; they did not believe that Jesus was the Christ until they were older.  Blood relatives can be blind to anointing. Proximity yields a normalcy that obscures the signs of kingdom greatness. In spite of rejection, they all became bright lights after fully receiving the love of Christ.  Their passion for Him was stunning. They defended the faith and were martyred by people in far off lands, people who were hostile toward the Gospel.

Jude’s only letter was short but powerful.  He wrote generally, to the church at large, about the deterioration of doctrine.  He just about begs his listeners to defend the faith, to contend for it vigorously at all costs, even unto death.  He was clear to convey that when you and I defend doctrine, we defend Truth and Truth is a Person.  When we err from any one important tenet of the faith, we mar the face of Christ.

Today’s church is weak in theology. And, if weak in theology, absent in faith. We must know Jesus’ history, understand the sweeping narrative of Scripture, and become intimately acquainted with the backbone of our Rabbi’s faith if we are to possess the steel foundation that endures challenging times.  If our doctrine is mushy, so is our faith and weak is our light.

Satan is all about destroying faith and God is all about building it.  Since sound doctrine is one thing that builds it, it should be no surprise that Satan would be out to distort biblical teaching.  He accomplishes this in several ways but most commonly, through false teachers.  In today’s national landscape, it’s harder to find a sound church than it is to find a bad one. No wonder so many house churches are springing up! Visit www.smallgroups.com and you’ll find resources for this growing necessity.

Oh, don’t you hear Jude crying out in the wilderness of rampant error? “Test every wind of doctrine for in doing so, you cleave to Jesus.” Many who have changed the face of scripture, or deleted the parts that offend them, believe they still embrace Jesus. What a sad day for them to discover the face behind the mask of their god.

Redeem the time I spend in Your Word. Write sound doctrine on my heart – doctrine learned at Your feet. Make my ears sensitive to any message not of You and then open my mouth to be graciously defensive. In Jesus’ name, Amen


One thought on “Clinging To Truth is Clinging To Jesus

  1. Terri says:

    “Truth is a person” Christine says. Love this and Live this! Jesus IS TRUTH! Thank you!

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