Spiritual Resting


So God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it God rested from all his work that he had done in creation.  Genesis 2:3

What God meant and what I perceive can be two completely different things.  I plugged in the meanings from the Hebrew words for resting. God ‘praised and gave strength’ to the seventh day and ‘removed it from common use’.

Something very powerful is going on.  This is the first instance of God making something holy, like Himself.  When God blesses, he infuses strength.  When God makes something holy, it is no longer common and ordinary.  And when God rests, he stops everything and ceases his work.

Do I believe that my Sabbath is a day like the other six except I don’t do much?  That can be the impression from the past generation as teaching on the power of original Sabbath rest was absent.  There were rules about everything we couldn’t do on Sunday but the privilege of being quiet to meet with God was never mentioned. We watched through our windows as everyone else had fun on Sunday afternoon while we were trapped inside. 

Time to start over.  When the seventh day begins, I step onto holy ground.  If I’m clued into God’s Spirit, I take my shoes off at the burning bush.  I tremble that I am actually immersed in something holy. God is doing something physical, emotional, and spiritual to me.  The ‘resting’ is very active on God’s part because as I rest, He blesses with measures of strength that are supernatural.  While I may perceive little, God is engaging in a deep impartation of restoration.  And, if I’m using my day of rest to meditate on Him, there will also be an impartation of revelation.

There was another time in history where God rested.  It was the moment Jesus said, “It is finished.”  The noise of evil against the Son of God had been on a sharp upward curve, resulting in a horrific crucifixion.  While it might have appeared that God had been murdered, “It is finished!” pierced the silence and evil began to tremble.

Are my Sabbaths filled with everything You intended?  I’m asking the question, Father.  In Jesus’ name, Amen

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Resting

  1. This brings to me a whole new view of the Sabbath, and my use of that precious day and the purpose for which it was created! We’ve been using it to catch up on things we could not get done during the week. Perhaps I had heard this message somewhere along my journey but I never knew the ultimate responsibility to rest or the blessings as a result. I loved the analogy of standing on ‘holy ground’ when I arise on the Sabbath. My prayer will also be, “Help me Lord, to spend my Sabbaths as you intended, beginning this week. Amen”.

  2. Mmmmmm…why am I so “comfortable” breaking this commandment? Why do I “forget” that obedience to this commandment, like the keeping of the other 9, will me bring real life and true freedom?

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