Rear view of a rabbi


For you are great and do wondrous things; you alone are God. Psalm 86:10

         Exactly three weeks ago, I broke my foot. A bad fall and a hard skid on pavement left me with some bad injuries. This happened one week before going on a family vacation. Disappointed that I would not be able to go to the beach or ride the extensive network of bike trails that our vacation spot offers, I adjusted my expectations with God. “Father, can this week be about you and me? Would you speak powerfully to me for the next seven days? I will press in, stay quiet, and listen.”

         The very first morning, I asked my husband, Ron, to take me to the lobby of a hotel that sits on the beach. The views are breathtaking and it’s the perfect place to be still. I made myself at home at a table by the window with my books, bible, and computer. For the next several hours, I studied and journaled. The book I was reading was about the Jewish context behind the well-known sayings of Jesus. It explored the role of Rabbis over the centuries and how Jesus was the ultimate Rabbi in how he lived and spoke. It described the powerful influence a Rabbi had over those he mentored – how he would call a young boy to leave everything to go with him in his travels. That boy would become his companion. I closed the book, sighed, and prayed, “Lord, how I would love a relationship with a Rabbi. He could answer questions and teach me things I would never learn otherwise.” I then packed everything up and prepared to leave.

         I thought I was the only one in this large lobby but as I was leaving, I passed an elderly man sitting in the corner. He saw my boot/cast, and called to me, “How did you break it?” I told him briefly.

         He said, “Sometimes, God has reasons for these things.”

         I answered by saying, “I agree. God is showing me things because of this break and He has my full attention.

         He asked, “Then you believe in God?”

         I said, “Oh, yes – and as a director of a ministry, I get to draw others onto the path with me.”

         He asked, “What’s your ministry?”

         I said, “Daughters of Promise.”

         He asked, “So, what has God promised daughters?”

         I laughed and said, “Take a seat! It’s abundant.”

         Then, it began. He pointed to the chair near him and said, “Please do take a seat.” It was then that I looked at another chair next to him. It had a small pile of prayer shawls, tallits and tzitzits. I fell into my chair and said, “You’re a rabbi!”

         He said, “Yes. I’m here to perform a wedding. I’m from out of town but, I too, am the director of a religious organization. I’m a lecturer on Jewish renewal and spiritual direction.”

         I showed him the book I was reading. We discussed the role of Rabbis in the Old and New Testaments and our conversation ended with him offering to be a personal resource by phone or email. I wonder what God has in mind as this elderly Rabbi explores Daughters of Promise and I learn more about Jewish history.

         The day I met the Rabbi was the first day of our time away. Every day after that, there were God-moments. I didn’t smell the ocean air or ride a bike with my family but this vacation turned out to be a milestone in my spiritual journey. I’m seeing again that God can do absolutely anything and loves to reveal Himself to anyone who seeks Him. I thought I heard His laughter all week as He revealed one surprise after another.

Oh Rabbi, I pray for this new Rabbi whose eyes are not open to You. Bring him soon to Isaiah 53 and cure his spiritual blindness. Use me to awaken His need for You. Use him to expand my knowledge of Your chosen people. In Jesus’ name, Amen

2 thoughts on “The Day God Brought Me A Rabbi

  1. Beth Bernotas says:

    God is an awesome God! Thank you for sharing such a lovely story. You made it sound so real that I could picture what was happening! God always does such special things for His daughters.

  2. says:

    So excited to read how you met your rabbi. I can just picture the scene…God’s powerful gentleness while you sat and asked to hear from Him. POWERFUL

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