Why I Teach Personalized Prayer Mapping


I am getting to do for you what I wish someone had done for me.  I was imprisoned for forty years, and suffered privately from issues for which I had no hope of resolving.  People who loved me looked on helplessly.  They were mostly sympathetic, yet unable to equip me with the keys necessary to lead to my freedom.  I languished for spiritual direction, for someone to help me assess how I reached such a hopeless place and then help me discover the way out.  I also longed to engage in a kind of intercession that would loose the chains that held me captive.  None of these were to be found.

God said, “Enough!”  He accelerated my process by destroying all my props and bringing me to the end of myself.  Through intensive time in the wilderness, the Holy Spirit became my spiritual director.  He gave me the keys to rebirth during a three year period.  That was 1997.  Since He wastes none of our pain, He equipped me to define this process and package it.  Prayer Mapping was born.

Each of us knows places in our lives that are characterized by disappointment and powerlessness.  Each of us wishes we had the tools to see our situations from God’s perspective.  If we could, we would have hope.

Prayer Mapping is not a formula. It’s all about strategy – and to pray strategically – there are foundational concepts about the soul, residual effects of sin, Satan, and God’s kingdom that are critical to understand.  With knowledge comes new facility in prayer construction.

Overall, Praying Mapping does three things.

1.   It exposes fractures within a person’s relationship with God and tells him/her how to repair the breach.  Throughout the day’s teaching, the reasons for fractures surface and someone’s trust is restored.

2.   It trains a person to discern divine strategy for circumstances, or people, for whom they’ve given up hope.  The strategy enables them develop a customized prayer map, targeted specifically for .

3.   It launches a child of God into a deeper dimension of spiritual life – equipping him/her to live a different way.

As the Spirit of God breathes over each Prayer Mapping Event, the teaching becomes a catalyst that moves a person out of their current box into a spacious place of faith and freedom.  Oh, how I love to teach it and see people come alive to hope.

Prayer Mapping – Learn The Language For Life

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4 thoughts on “Why I Teach Personalized Prayer Mapping

  1. Thank you! This past week-end was such a strong and perfect answer to prayer for my needed catalyst into a deeper dimension of spiritual life. This retreat provided me the necessary time away, opportunity to dwell thru worship and prayer, as well as the needed guidance in how to draw closer to my Lord. A path toward faith and freedom was received with gratefulness and grace and I praise God for His work so lovingly carried out thru your gifts! I can’t thank you enough! I am amazed and humbled by His power, love, and mercy.

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