Settled and Content

The spirit of their father Jacob revived. And Israel said, “It is enough; Joseph my son is still alive. I will go and see him before I die.” Genesis 45:27b-28

         It’s amazing how, with Christ, my heart can adapt to a place of contentment. Jacob was thrilled with the news that Joseph was alive, so much so, that he was willing lay all other hurts aside and focus on the joy of seeing his son again. Joseph’s supposed death had only been one of his many griefs. The way he died, the brother’s treachery, these were nearly as crushing as losing his son. At this point in the story however, the joy of being reunited with Joseph eclipsed the pain of all else that took place before.

         Nothing replaces the payoff that comes when I take time to grieve. Like Jacob, my tears are spent and I am open to a new perspective. God’s perspective. I am willing to settle for something different and am empowered by the Spirit to adapt to see life differently.

         A neighbor had to leave her home of 43 years to enter an assisted living facility. She grieved over all the familiar things she would have to leave behind. With time however, she grew to cherish the handpicked things she would take with her to her new home. God gave her the grace to settle in new surroundings and find contentment.

         It is human nature to look at what I lost rather than what I have left. I want what I once had and overlook the treasures still in my hand. God will help me re-align and re-adjust. All grief gives me an opportunity to lift my eyes to what is eternal. I find comfort, and I find joy, as I review the promises of God for the future. Only this perspective can lead me from the throes of unending grief and bitter tears. When I think my hands are empty, God shows me that they are, indeed, full of blessings I couldn’t see before. The child of God is never without riches even in the worst of times.

Change is certain. Security is also certain. Show me what is in my hands. Amen

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