Blessed By Association


And you, Joseph, are commanded to say, ‘Do this: take wagons from the land of Egypt for your little ones and for your wives, and bring your father, and come. Genesis 45:16

         Would Pharaoh have honored Joseph’s brothers if he’d known them as Hebrews visiting Egypt? Never. The blessing came because of how much he loved Joseph. Whom Joseph loved, Pharaoh loved.

         I descend from those whom people honored. My father, a principal in our public school system, was well loved and respected. Because of that, honor was given to his family. My father-in-law, an iconic evangelist, well loved for his passion for reaching the lost, was also well loved and respected. By carrying his last name, I am blessed on the road more often than I remember. My husband, Ron, is well loved. He leads well, has never made an enemy, and because of His reputation, I am blessed. Even today, because he is held in high regard with the owners of the company he works for, Daughters of Promise will receive a gift toward our office computers.

         Do I need to have an honorable family on earth in order to be blessed by association? No. That would be unfair if that were the only criterion.

Today, you and I are blessed because of our association to Jesus. God, His father, loves those whom the Son loves. Because reconciled us to His Father and made us brothers and sisters, God beckons us from the land of famine to the land of plenty. He provides everything we need for the journey. Our future and inheritance is guaranteed because Jesus has taken care of it.

         And my deliverer? Like Joseph, he was spurned and rejected by men. He was sold for financial gain to end up in chains before Pilate. His hardship paved the road for my redemption.

Father, I enjoy the smile You have for me today because I love Your Son. Bless those whom I love – because I am Yours. Amen

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