I rejoice at your word like one who finds great spoil.  Psalm 119:162

When I think of discovering spoil, I picture a scene in the movie, THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO.  Underneath the turquoise waters of an island called Monte Cristo, a penniless man (and his friend) discover the vast treasures of the lost ship SPARTA.  After diving into the shallow waters of a cave and discovering hundreds of trunks of gold, there is outrageous rejoicing. Coins are thrown into the air in celebration and there is dancing on the rocks because this treasure forever changes their future.   That’s what a good treasure does.

I mine the Word of God, like David, and when there is understanding, it feels like I’ve discovered gold.  There is great joy in truth.  It is energizing and inspiring, healing and even challenging in a way that makes me feel fully alive.  But at the same time, I also have to admit that the only reason there is any understanding of the Word is because the Spirit has opened my eyes to see God.  Without His help and His desire to cure my spiritual blindness, the Word would never appear as a treasure to me.  It would sound peculiar and even repulsive.

Every day there is a crisis of belief.  Intersecting with scripture can bring conflict internally.  I pray every day for eyes that will see, ears that will hear, and a heart that will understand mysteries too difficult for a human heart.  God’s Spirit must answer in order for the veil of blindness to be removed, for the treasure to be recognized.  Rejoicing is on the other side of recognition.

Thank you for all the sleepless nights when you turned the light on a truth I was struggling with.  Too excited to sleep, we celebrated in prayer, even with tears of great joy.  I love this journey.  Amen

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