Is God Really Good?

At midnight I rise to praise you, because of your righteous rules.  Psalm 119:62

Around many dinner tables this week, a suggestion will be made. “Let’s each share something we’re thankful for before we offer the blessing.” Well known clichés will abound.  “God was good this year because….” Stories of health and provision will be told and God will be hailed as ‘good’ because of them.  But what of those who find themselves in God’s waiting room?  Their lives are still hard.  They are still ill.  Their hearts are still broken.

These are hard times. Suffering marks the church across the world.  Warm beds and full bellies are out of reach for so many, even here in the U.S., as our economy has plummeted and the value of the dollar is the lowest it has ever been.  Can God’s children still cry out that He is good?  Or, are we stuck when asked to give a glowing testimony about His character?  May it not be.

  • God is good because He gave us me Himself.
  • God is good because every day His mercy and grace are available in whatever quantities I need.
  • God is good because His Word is powerful enough to change how I think and transform how I feel.
  • God is good because He is willing to be my Father even though orphaned here by the death of my parents.

This list can fill pages.  If I change my perspective from external circumstances to my internal world, thanksgiving for who God is and what He gives me is not limited, even in suffering.  Trials and suffering do not eradicate God’s goodness.  Even on the way to Calvary, Jesus would have whispered prayers of God’s goodness and faithfulness.  Suffering is a part of this life.  For the child of God, so is God’s goodness and redemption of our pain.  For that, my heart bursts forth with praise.

If I look in the right places, my heart is full of your testimonies.  Amen

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