Their Need? Your Opportunity.


When Joseph came to them in the morning, he saw that they were troubled. So he asked Pharaoh’s officers who were with him in custody in his master’s house, “Why are your faces downcast today?” They said to him, “We have had dreams, and there is no one to interpret them.” And Joseph said to them, “Do not interpretations belong to God? Please tell them to me.” Genesis 40:6-8

         Many royal courts employed dream interpreters since, in the near East, dreams were a way of foretelling the future. The royal cupbearer and the baker, because they were in prison, had no access to him when they had troubling dreams. But Joseph was intuitive and read their body language the next morning. He asked them why they were downcast and they admitted their need of an interpreter. This was a divine appointment and Joseph instantly recognized it. He ascribed the power of interpretation to God only and made himself available for discerning the mind of God on their behalf.

         How many divine appointments do I miss? Would I have lived in my own world if I had been Joseph? Would I have interacted with my two cellmates? Would I have seen their need as an opportunity for God’s power to be on full display? God knows who will be in proximity to me on a certain day and He will put someone in distress at the very moment our worlds intersect. My part is to live prayerfully so that I recognize a divine appointment when it’s staring me in the face.

         Who is downcast nearby? Who is sick? Who lives in chronic pain? Who was up all night churning because they lack wisdom about a decision? Who has been crying alone? Who is afraid of the future and wants to rehearse the latest headlines about Ebola? These are all opportunities. God’s kingdom begs to come to the people God has put in my path.

         Fear keeps me from reaching out. If I don’t have answers for myself, I won’t have them for others. If I live in crippling fear about the future, how will I comfort others with the promises of God!   I can’t give away what I don’t possess for myself.

         The amazing thing about Joseph is that despite the multiple decades of slavery and imprisonment, he did not take a spiritual vacation. He stayed engaged with his God. His spiritual skills were sharpened, not dulled. This prepared him to recognize, and then to act, when God brought opportunity.

Don’t let me live today by what is convenient. Give me the eyes to recognize what has been sent by you. Amen

4 thoughts on “Their Need? Your Opportunity.

  1. Divine appointment from tonight. Two baby believers shared my table tonight. It wasn’t fancy and it wasn’t much but the connection was real. They said they are financially strapped and had been doing their food shopping in the dumpster behind the local supermarket. They don’t want to be that vulnerable in church because they fear being rejected and judged by all those put together people. I don’t have the means to help them much but God does and I believe He will guide me to believers who can help. He has been faithful to me because He is a faithful God. He will not abandon them and my eyes are peeled to watch God unfolding His faithfulness to those who are considered the least of these. May the three of us grow in trust.

    1. God provided more than their daily bread today. They went to a church food pantry where it ‘just happened’ they were including a $15.00 supermarket gift card. As Christine has taught, there are no coincidences. Solution was already in place before we prayed. This lifts my heart in gratitude and praise. To all who visit the banquet God gives to us through Christine, I hope this gives you a joyful heart too.

      1. I was so excited about the specific provision of food, I forgot to mention the above and beyond provision. After being without employment for two years and living with a friend so as not to live on the streets, she also got a job as a companion. This not only provides food, lodging and some spending money but now her employer wants to attend the Bible study that we both attend. Prayers needed for the employer as she is not yet a believer. Wow! Does God not resolve situations in our lives far better than any of our manipulation could bring about?

  2. How many divine opportunities have I missed Lord, because I have allowed my own pain to cloud out who and what you put in front of my path- my reach? There are too numerous opportunities daily to count. I ask God for forgiveness as I ask Him to open the eyes of my heart and step out in faith and courage and allow God to use me in the mist of my painful circumstances , for His will is for me to die to self and trust Him as He uses me in His divine appointments. Thank you Christine…

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