When I Walk Into A Room


The Lord blessed the Egyptian’s house for Joseph’s sake; the blessing of the Lord was on all that he had, in house and field. Genesis 39:5

         I don’t think I fully grasp what it means for the Holy Spirit to live inside me. He begs to affect everywhere I go and everyone I serve. He will keep leaking out, blessing, loving, wooing, and even convicting. I am a container of His Spirit but I must be a clean container so that His influence is not quenched.

         Potiphar, a heathen man outside of God’s covenant, experienced blessing throughout his entire estate because of the effect of God’s Spirit living through Joseph. But here’s the thing ~ If Joseph had gotten bitter and distrustful of God, spurning His voice and maligning His character, God’s influence would have been squelched.

         If I am right with God, living a life of passionate worship, then I wear Christ like a cloak. He is draped around my shoulders and is on full display. The effect will be the same as when Jesus entered the temple court or walked the streets of Judea. Some will swarm, some will see the light and investigate the claims of Christ, and others will be repelled and persecute me. But as for my household and those whom I serve, they will be blessed because God’s blessing on me has leaked out into their territory.

         Who needs a visitation of the Spirit of God today?

  • My child? I’ll walk in his room, pull up a chair and praise God for a while. The Spirit will bless long after I leave.
  • My church? I’ll drive onto the church property, sing a song or two in the car, and then speak some scripture over the church body. The Spirit will bless long after I leave.
  • My struggling friend? I’ll knock on her door, stay 10 minutes, speak the words Jesus prompts me to speak, and then pray with her. The Spirit will bless long after I leave.

         Does this sound like magical hocus-pocus? The frightening thing is, many would say ‘yes’. But it’s biblical! When Paul told us to put on spiritual armor, he clarified what the armor was when he said, “Put on the Lord Jesus Christ.” (Eph.13:14) When Jesus enters a room, things change. When God’s Spirit hovered over a dead planet, look what happened.

         This is not about my influence but about the power of Christ’s influence living through me. I am Spirit-possessed. Oh, the possibilities! Can you feel it? Can you dream it? May it be.

You, in me, is a mystery. You, in me, are a treasure. Help me grasp what it means to have You living inside and then dream big. Bless wherever the sole of my foot treads. Amen

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One thought on “When I Walk Into A Room

  1. Oh, Christine, these are words I needed to hear today! There is spiritual warfare going on inside of me at this moment!! I just finished reading Ephesians 6:10 – 17. I am putting on the Whole Armor of God: I am wearing the sturdy belt of Truth and the body armor of God’s Righteousness, my shoes tread with the Peace that comes from the Good News, my shield is Faith, my helmet is Salvation, my sword is of the Spirit, the Word of God! Above all, I pray that through the Power of the Holy Spirit I will stand firm! I know that I am not alone, my Lord and Savior is with me. Together we fight this battle!!

    Thank you Christine, for your words! I thank my Lord, my Father, for leading me to read these words and to make them come alive in me today!

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