Can I Pray For You?


May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. Romans 15:13

         This sounds like the end of Romans.  Paul expresses a beautiful hope and prayer.  It is packed with everything anyone might ever need.  While His prayer moves my heart and I could write about it, the Spirit of God prompted me to pray these scripture over each of you today.  I hope it connects.  I hope it lights the flame of hope in your heart.  I hope you are stronger and resolved at the end of it.  It is a privilege to love and pray for you.

Lord, You can see Your child. She’s reading this and needing You to break through the barriers to her faith.  She’s tired, ready to cave in.  Afraid to hope.  Afraid to feel the pain of waiting for you.  The ability to endure no longer exists. 

She hoped in someone for something she needed and hope was smashed.  She has no joy and no peace in believing that You are true to Your promises.  She has not felt the power of the Holy Spirit in a long time.

First, I ask that You deliver her from evil.  Send Your angels to wherever she is right now and fight against what she cannot see.  Defeat her enemies and put a blood covering over her.  Restrict all enemies from speaking to her and moving against her.  In the authority of Christ Jesus, I cancel their plans to lie, steal, kill and destroy her faith.

I bind her mind to Yours.  Be large in her, Holy Spirit.  Every prayer that has been spoken over her, bring to full budding and blossom.  Every scripture that she has planted in her heart, bring out of the deep and put it within her heart’s grasp.  As she opens Your Word today, remove the veil from her eyes to see the power of Your love, the power of Your authority, and the power of Your hand to be the source of all that she needs.  Bring such powerful revelation as she reads that a journal page cannot contain her insights. 

Through Your Word, and through the God-moments that You will ordain today for her, grow her faith and her hope.  Transform the flickering flame of her faith into a blaze of glory.  Infuse her heart with fresh faith and the ability to stand in the cement of Your love and believe You!  You are not distant.  You are not passive.  You are a God of intervention and no one who has ever trusted in You has ever been put to shame.

Break through the fog.  Reveal Yourself to her so that she may see Your glory and live.  The kingdom is here now and near her. 

Seal this by the power of the Spirit and it is by the name of Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior of the world, and King of Kings, that I pray these things.  Amen

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2 thoughts on “Can I Pray For You?

  1. Thank you Christine for your God given words and prayer today. It is right where I at. I have walked many years with Jesus and He has proven over and over His faithfulness…but at times I falter with weariness. I am a 46 year old mom to 2 precious children Jesus miraculously placed in our lives through adoption. Both of my children deal with significant emotional/neurological issues and my husband who is a young 59 years old last year was diagnosed with early onset dementia which looks to be Alzheimer’s on MRI. I learning even more deeply to praise and thank God in my circumstances…He has been so very faithful to us through this journey. I do see caring for my sweet little family a privelage and I pray over them especially as they sleep claiming all of God’s promises. I pray for myself too as I know this is impprtant

  2. I’m sure that it comes as no surprise to you to know just how much I needed this exact prayer today. This has been a horrid week for me. I am taking this prayer and running with it, clutching it to my heart and making it my own. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Holy Spirit and Christine. So, so grateful.

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