God Put An Evil Man To Death


And Judah took a wife for Er his firstborn, and her name was Tamar. But Er, Judah’s firstborn, was wicked in the sight of the Lord, and the Lord put him to death. Genesis 38:6-7

         This is an example of how God deals with evil. It is but one example. He put a wicked man to death to spare Tamar and their descendants from whatever evil Er would have committed.

         Here’s the question that comes next ~ Why does God annihilate the wicked in this particular story but not others? This is why some say they can’t trust God. His inconsistency is a stumbling block.

         No one has a definitive word on the purposes of God except God Himself. However, scripture gives a small window on why evil is allowed to exist. It is an invitation to showcase the power and glory of God.

         I have been close to evil. Our family suffered over the course of a few decades because of our proximity to it. We initially called it senseless. I sunk into a deep depression.  It appeared it had no value whatsoever except destruction. But God kept speaking, kept wooing, kept inviting each of us to bring Him the pain we suffered. He gave us the grace the work through it emotionally. He also invited us not to live in the middle of the story. He showed us promise after promise that He was a Redeemer of suffering. While the story is far from over, the redemption of what was perpetrated against us has been overwhelming. On center stage is God, Himself. His power is unmistakable; His glory on full display.

         Does this seem hollow? If you have suffered, or are suffering from the aftermath of something evil, you may be in the senseless stage. Your cries have been audible. “Why didn’t God stop it?”

         For every evil committed, there is a redemption. For every devastation, there is a promise. The reason so many are angry with God is because they haven’t yet seen the redemption He offers. When He reveals Himself to the brokenhearted believer and begins to personalize a redemptive story to match their tragedy, His power and glory are blinding. Don’t get stuck in the middle of your story. If the cross can be called the ‘cross of glory’, any kind of evil is a candidate for resurrection power.

Walk into the darkness with those today who think You are absent. Amen

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