God’s Wisdom ~ No Question Off Limits

The woman said to Jesus, “I know that Messiah is coming (He who is called Christ); when the One comes, He will declare all things to us.  John 4:25

Do you know that you can ask Me absolutely anything? There’s nothing too insignificant. And don’t you know that you are not a bother?   I don’t sigh in weariness when I see you coming. I already know the question you are going to ask and I’ve been waiting for you so eagerly to give you the answers. Don’t be surprised if you need to seek Me persistently. In seeking, you will gain far more insight about the answer than if I fed it to you in just a few lines. Everything that comes out of my mouth is full on many dimensions. Each truth could be explored for a lifetime. I want your understanding of Me to be comprehensive, not shallow.

I am the God of disclosure.  You have no idea how much I’d love to reveal to you but when you live your life on the advice of others, you will have wasted most of it. We have a personal relationship so ask me personal questions.

  • When you are hurting from the stings of another, ask me what would cause someone do to that.
  • When you erupt in anger toward the last person you want to hurt, ask me why you did that.
  • When you can’t get over a loss and you continue to grieve without end, ask me why the tears won’t stop.
  • When a so-called friend treats you like an enemy, ask me how it’s possible.
  • When you have a dream that feels very spiritual, ask me what it means.
  • When you encounter several things that seem more than coincidence, ask me if I’m trying to say something to you.
  • When you read the Word and feel nothing, ask me to kiss your heart to life.
  • When you are frustrated with yourself, even to the point of dislike, ask me to show you who you really are in Me.
  • When you don’t understand why I answered the Pharisees like I did, just ask me.

Do you see the questions you’ve never asked?  Aren’t you interested in my answers?   Asking is praying.  Pray more.  Listen more.  I am close by, always listening for the sound of my name being spoken.

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