Didn’t God Already Do This Once?


And the messengers returned to Jacob, saying, “We came to your brother Esau, and he is coming to meet you, and there are four hundred men with him.” Genesis 32:6

            When your brother wants to kill you and you hear that he’s on his way with 400 men, where does your mind go? Mine goes to calamity. So did Jacob’s. He was filled with anxiety – then he was depressed.

            But wait! Not long before this, Laban, his father in law, was on the hunt for Jacob. He came at him with more than 400 men but God delivered him. How short was Jacob’s memory?

            How short is mine? When the same kind of trial overtakes me, the kind that almost did me in the first time yet God preserved me, why do I automatically run to that calamitous place again? Where is my faith? God did it once but can He do it again?

  • It’s almost like I believe God is anemic. He barely pulled it together the first time and the chance of Him accomplishing it again is slim.
  • Or, I believe that His generous spirit toward me has expired. He’ll do something wonderful just once. If I ask for it twice, He’ll be turned off.
  • Or, I just got lucky that God came through. My language sounds like this. “What are the chances that God will do this again?” Like it depends on God’s whims.

            History, and the fears that accompany it, are powerful forces. To believe that God will write new chapters in my life requires standing amidst very powerful emotions. If I feed my fears, faith dies. If I feed my faith, fears die.

How dare I be skeptical of You, Lord!   Who am I to doubt Your power? And how very sad to doubt Your love but You’ll have to help me. Amen

Journal Question: Where do you have to trust God for a second time? What makes you discount a second miracle?   Do you doubt God’s love, His power, or what? Ask God to help you figure it out and bring you to a resolution based on truth.

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