Daughters of Promise


He who fears the LORD has a secure fortress. Proverbs 14:26

         How can being afraid of God make me secure?  It can’t. Yet the picture of a God angry at humanity and poised to punish them persists in the minds of most people.

         ‘Fearing the Lord’ never means being afraid if I am His child.  Oh, if only I had known this in the first three decades of my life.  The ones who claimed to speak for God misrepresented who He was and I kept my distance. I studied Him but never drew close.

         To ‘fear the Lord’ means to tremble with wonder over His beauty.  I was created to worship beauty and that begins with the Creator of everything beautiful.

         I am secure if I know that the One who is greater than any evil offers me a place to hide in Him.  Turning away from the storm, I can bury my face in the Rock of Ages and know that He who is Love will shelter me.  I don’t need to fear that someone bigger will come along and, again, put me at risk.  I am held securely because there is no one who can threaten me.  I seek refuge in the One who has written the last chapter in history and He is the victor. Every foe today is already defeated. Either they don’t know it yet or they are very well aware of their end and just pretend to wield a power that isn’t theirs.

         For every child of God, there is a secure fortress. It is to hide behind God Himself. There is no storm too furious.  No foe too mighty.  No tragedy too hopeless.  No grief too consuming.  I am a child who runs home continually, reminding my enemy all the way ~ “Wait till I tell my Father.” He doesn’t like that, by the way.

I walk with courage today, Father, because You have my back. I am safe with enemies I can see and even those I can’t. Let boldness arise. Amen

Journal Question:  Are you insecure with God in any way? Write a short letter to God and confess your fears. Ask Him to change your perception of Him – and guide you to the right people and resources to reinforce these new beliefs.


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