The Mark And Who Can See It


This is my covenant, which you shall keep, between me and you and your offspring after you: Every male among you shall be circumcised.  Genesis 17:10

            What a covenant God made with Abraham!  God intended to give him and all his descendants a physical sign that they were His chosen people.  Circumcision, a surgical procedure, was performed on male children at eight days old.  It was a ‘seal of righteousness’ that all humankind could see.

            Today, I am also marked with a seal, but not with a physical mark.  The ‘seal of righteousness’ upon me is spiritual and can only be seen with spiritual eyes.  The Holy Spirit is my seal.  Just as every human being could see evidence of a circumcision, so every spiritual being can see evidence of the Holy Spirit who marks me.  Angels see Him.  Demons see Him.

            The sign of God’s blessing and covenant upon Israel made them plenty of enemies.  Even to this day.  The sign of God’s blessing upon me, the indwelling of the Spirit, also earns me plenty of spiritual enemies.  When Satan sees me, he sees the presence of God.  His hatred cannot be underestimated but neither can God’s favor for His child.

            When I look at myself in the mirror, am I consumed with disgust and a measure of self-hatred?  How tragic.  The spirit world sees Jesus when they see me.  I vow to do a better job at remembering that I am a mortal shell that houses divinity.

Those who hate me – hated you first.  Help me treat respectfully what you love, starting with myself.  Amen 

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