When The Glitter Is Removed


I have seen a limit to all perfection, but your commandment is exceedingly broad.  Psalm 119:96

            Matthew Henry lists David’s disillusionments.  He saw Goliath, the strongest man around, overcome by a small stone.  He saw his nephew, Asahel, one described as ‘swift as a gazelle’, killed on the battlefield.  He saw his fairest son, Absalom, deform in character and turn on him.  He watched the seeming perfection of everyone around him take on their true limits.  Their glitter was removed.  The only thing that grew taller and wider with time was the Word of God. It was a painful thing to have that which beguiled me take on its true form.  The disillusionment unraveled my world.

           Recently, I taught at The Cove in Asheville, NC.  I talked with a woman whose daughter was dating someone who was not good for her.  Yet, her daughter was absolutely taken with him.  “What can I do,” she lamented.  I suggested that she pray and ask that his true colors be exposed, that the glitter that her daughter sees be removed by a God who wants her daughter to know truth.

            Jesus is to be my treasure.  Any other person or thing that my heart covets in place of Him has had a bona fide paint job by the enemy.  Satan allures me to the counterfeits, making each one seem as if it will fill my soul where it aches.  It’s a mirage.  Though it may seem for a time that it’s the thing I was looking for all along, eventually its glitter is removed.  The downward spiral into the mire of disappointment can cripple me permanently if I don’t turn to the only One who expands with time.

            The more I attempt to see the glory of Jesus, the more glory there is to discover.  The more I attempt to understand a stunning Bible truth, the larger and more expansive it becomes.  The things of the kingdom are broad, never disappointing the true seeker.

I’ve known so many disappointments and, for a while, they crippled me.  It took me a while to find you as my treasure.  Now that I have, my joy of discovering your limitless love and power only abounds.  Thank you for drawing me to you, the source of all pleasure.  Amen

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One thought on “When The Glitter Is Removed

  1. God’s Word and His messages are always so timely; this message today is no different. I NEEDED this. I can greatly relate to the prayer for the daughter, it is an awesome one. I heard a song on the radio today in which the singer stated, “I am a treasure in the arms of Christ.” So it would seem, not only is Jesus my treasure, but I am His treasure as well. What a thought…what a comfort! Thank you, Christine, for this blog post today, and for being so willing to help us to open up our eyes to what God has for us every day.

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