Daughters of Promise


I will speak of your testimonies before kings and shall not be put to shame.  Psalm 119:46

Here’s yet another message about the mouth, about speaking truth in difficult situations.  Many leaders have been in a position where they’ve been forced to listen to God’s wisdom from a person of lowly means.  In most instances, the messenger was despised.  But not always.

Am I willing to be the messenger, knowing the odds?  How can I be sure of success, of gracious receptivity?  I can’t.  Only God knows who will listen.  Yet, I must realize that any benefit of speaking God’s words will not just be for the intended audience.  It will benefit me as well.  When my words are stuck in my throat, they can be released through  frequent practice into a speech a statesman makes for the kingdom.  It transforms me from one who trembles and retreats into one who trembles but advances.

Who is my king, my potentate, who enjoys the power I’ve abdicated to him to shut my mouth?  It doesn’t have to be a president.  It can be whoever is in a position of power over my life; one that I fear.  That might point to a parent who intimidates, a co-worker who is bossy while I’m compliant, a church elder who controls the agenda, even a child who – by some unknown means – has gained power over their parent.  Just because a potentate has an aversion for truth (and has escaped thus far having to hear it,) doesn’t mean that it’s not time for a shakeup.

Lastly, the psalmist says that he won’t be put to shame.  Oh, his audience may try.  But the psalmist knows that when God approves of him and empowers him to stand and speak the ways of the kingdom, no condemnation of man can drive him into the ground.  Accusations may fly but they can not take root if his focus is on the smile of his Father, a smile brought about by his courageous obedience.  Unshakeable peace is the result.

There are people who tempt me to shut my mouth.  These are hard lessons, Lord.  I need to see Your face out in front, Your glory, so that I am assured I face mere men.  Amen

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