Making Ourselves a Name


Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves.  Genesis 11:4

         How small God must have been.  Solidarity was created among the peoples of this region to think that they could build a tower tall enough to reach into the heavens and, in the process, make a name for themselves that had nothing to do with God.  It was ridiculous and yet nothing has changed.  Our small worlds are full of those who are feverishly building a kingdom to impress, one where God is ignored, one that will give them a name that inspires awe.

         People were never meant to be the objects of another’s worship.  We are to be worshippers.  We were never meant to make a name for ourselves.  God offers us His name instead.  Why would I possibly want another?

         The real tragedy is when people in ministry try to build towers that offer them fame.  Feeling small, they devise their own source of healing. All the while, the names God has given them, as His child, are all they need to stand tall.  Yet, their quest for identity remains earthbound.

         In the 1980’s, when my quest for significance consumed me, I began to put some pieces together about identity and where it comes from.  I wrote this song for me, and for my children, that would allow the things God calls us to wash over our souls.  Anytime we felt weak or insignificant, we could sing it.  Over the years, I have recorded it at different times but I have found that there are days I really need to hear it again.  Earth is an orphanage and reduces one’s sense of worth.  The only remedy is God whispering these truths in our ears.


Looking down at the ground

Shadows around me are all I see

They accuse and abuse

Stealing my value, whispering lies to me.


I am a light; I am His bride

An heir to His kingdom; His cross at my side

I am His friend; A daughter and saint

Anointed with love, and mercy and grace

I will stand tall and carry no shame

When I remember God gave me His name.

(To hear the song, click here.)

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