Oh, How Different!


Enoch walked with God after he father Methuselah 300 years and had other sons and daughters.  Genesis 5:22

        Various numbers have eternal significance in the Bible.  The number seven is one of them; forty is another.  The seventh place in a genealogical line is often significant and none more than in the lines of Cain and Seth. Lamech, from Cain’s line, perpetuated violence.  Wild and unregenerate, he was like his father – only worse.  Enoch, from Seth’s line, perpetuated righteousness.  True and unwavering, he was like his father – only better.  The righteous and/or unrighteousness propensities in family lines escalate.  Nothing stays the same because each generation plants seeds and a harvest results.  God put us in a sowing and reaping world.

         Oh, the beauty of Enoch’s life.  We only know two things about him.  He walked with God and God took him home and spared him the experience of physical death.  He walked with God as did his first father and mother in the Garden of Eden.  Enoch cultivated this same relationship and turned away from everything that would interrupt their intimacy.

         Life in the Garden of Eden is envied.  I long for perfection, but even more, I long for a fellowship with God that has no cobwebs caused by sin.  Because sin’s curse is so pervasive, I can give up on my pursuit of a relationship with God like the one Adam and Eve enjoyed.  I can just conclude that it’s not really possible.  Enoch disproves all that.  He didn’t have the written scriptures.  He didn’t have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  Yet, he sought God and walked with Him on a cursed planet.

         Faith must be fought for.  Intimacy with God must be pursued relentlessly.  My flesh must be subdued by unwavering vigilance.  This is a race that won’t be won if I get lazy and coast through life.  The Christian life is an upward climb and I take each step relying on God for the grace to desire Him above all others.  My daily prayer, “Show me your glory!” is my insurance against being wooed away by the false promises of sin.  As I keep my eyes on Him, the beautiful One, I’m energized to keep going.  A step at a time.  A day at a time.

When all is said and done, Lord, I pray for myself and I pray for every woman who reads this today.  May it be said of each of us.   ‘She walked with God!’  We may even be like Enoch and never see death.  Even so come, Lord Jesus.  Amen

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