Garden Dwelling


The tree of life was in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Genesis 2:9

                  There, in their midst, was the ultimate temptation and test of obedience.  They could walk with God, the source of all knowledge, and hear things first hand, or eat of the tree and set a course of personal autonomy.  Their disobedient choice, which is to come in Genesis, set up the fall of man.  By nature now, we trade in the glory of our Creator, the thrill of walking with him, to the cheap thrill of living autonomously.

         What’s frightening is when I do it as God’s child. I was made to walk with God.   Intimately.  I am invited, on the other side of the cross, to know the life Adam and Eve once had.  I have the Spirit of God inside and I can walk with Him, enjoy His company, and hear His voice lead me through my day.  Instead of nurturing that personal relationship, I choose to open His scriptures and interpret them for myself.  I eat of His tree and decide that I’m smart enough to extract a meaning without taking time to ask Him how the daily manna applies to my situation.

         For over forty years, this is how I read the scriptures.  I never stopped to ask the Author to open my heart and talk to me as I read.  I just read.  I reasoned that He gave me a keen mind and I was equipped to make good decisions about my life and my future.  If a scripture seemed to fit, I applied it.  But mostly, scripture became something mildly inspirational on a Sunday morning.  Daily, I consumed the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and never showed up to walk with God in the garden.  I was a renegade child.

         Today, I choose to live in relationship.  Nothing I could ever figure out could come close to what God has in mind for me.  My knowledge of good and evil is pathetic and miniscule next to the One who is Knowledge.

Walk with me. I am not clever.  I need Your voice and Your hand.  Amen

3 thoughts on “Garden Dwelling

  1. My dear sister
    You probablly grew up as I did, believing that we should “study” to show are approved unto God. Many of us were taught that there is great value in Bible study so we faithfully fed on God’s word. We “studied” for years before we realized the most important reason for Bible study. Why were we not taught that the most important reason for Bible study is to know God.

    To paraphrase one of Moses’ prayers: Let me know your ways, that I may “know” you, that I might please you in all I do. We learn of our loving God and come to trust Him through the gospel. But it is through our years of faithfully feeding on God’s word that we come to “know” our Lord. Wouldn’t it be great if all the churches would teach that the main reason we feed on God’s word is to know the author.

    Today to many people are seeking to be spirit led with out knowing which spirit is leading them. The apostle Peter tells us that we have all things we need for life & Godliness through the true knowledge of our Lord. That true knowledge only comes through knowing Him through His written word and His revealed Word, Jesus.

    There is a push in the churches today to be spirit led. This is good if It is God’s Spirit that leads. 1 John 4;1 tells us to “test the spirits”. How can people “test the spirit” that leads them if they don’t “know” the Spirit of God?

    Jesus said that His words are Spirit and are Life. God’s people must feed on God’s word so they can “know” God’s Spirit. Only when people know God, can they safely be Spirit led.


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