Prayer For The Future


“Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old.  Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.  Isaiah 43:18-19

Make a way ~ To put in place, cause, set.


Jesus, I’ve been sitting at Your feet for a long time.  You’re the best teacher I’ve ever known.  You know when to reveal a truth and when to ask leading questions so that I discover divine wisdom.  You are not a God who delights to see His children flounder.  You promise very clear direction and have so many creative ways to bring the answers to us.

I learned that You can do a new thing no matter how old I am.  I learned that just because things have always been a certain way doesn’t mean they will stay that way.  I learned that just because people have always acted a certain way doesn’t mean You can’t change them.  I’ve seen You turn my life upside down, changing me from decades of hopeless thinking.  I’ve seen You deliver and heal people I love; some even in their old age.  You do make a way in the wilderness.  You are the God of new things.

I am at a new faith crossroads.  I’ve never been in this particular place before.  Whatever has been familiar and predictable is missing.  It looks like the land of no provision, a desert, and the answers for how to make my way is unclear. I’m afraid. I don’t have the power to transform the landscape of nothingness.

I spread out the future before You.  There is a harvest and I am Your laborer.  It is clear that, though I see a desert, You are making a new road.  Put up road signs so that I don’t miss it.  Let me hear the sounds of a roaring river, the rivers of Your provision.  When my faith would fail me, I review our history.  You have never failed me!  You are wealthy beyond measure to give whatever I might need on this trek into unfamiliar territory.

I’m looking for the footprints of sandaled feet.  I follow You – and I know that I don’t need to see down the road.  You do.  Show me the next step. Amen

3 thoughts on “Prayer For The Future

  1. For quite some time my life has been a wilderness . For the last 4 years, I could not see where the road ahead would lead. My soul became dry and hard enough to match the desert I was living in.

    Yet seemingly overnight in the last month, I have felt the rain return and love has begun to bloom again. Like the desert blooms after the rain, so are my heart and my eyes opening to see and understand that God does have a greater plan. That He never intended to leave me in that desert alone and abandoned. I finally, stopped fighting Him. I reached the end of my strength and found Him there waiting for me. I had not even realized that I had been fighting Him. Yet once I closed my eyes to the desert around me and began to just accept that this desert was part of His plan for my life that He was able to lead me to the path hidden among the rocks. The path He had planned for me to take all along.

    This little used path I was too blind to see until I closed my eyes in faith and allowed Him to lead me onto it. The wonder is that this steep, rocky path which I had thought only a mountain goat could traverse, has opened into a vast green valley where my heart is finding the abundance I have sought so desperately, yet despaired of ever finding. This green valley, abundant in water and love and friendship, is so comforting that I pray God never makes me leave it. I have journeyed long to find it.

    1. I pray that many read your comment/story. It is absolutely beautiful and is a testimony to the faithful love of God, a love that never fails, and a love that gives in abundance if we wait for the latter rains. So happy for you

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