Prayer For Cutting Soul Ties

Prayer For Cutting Idolatrous Ties To People

Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers.  Psalm 1:1

Walks ~ travel with, behave like, follow.


         You’ve shown me that idols are not only things, but people.  Thank you for revealing that to me.  It was such a painful lesson but years down the road, I’m so glad You were hard on me.  You were jealous for my affection; jealous to lead me by the hand, jealous to pour out Your provision so that I would know what it’s like to live as a much-loved child.  My attachment to others had prevented me from turning to You and experiencing all of those wonderful realities.

         Thank you for leading me to repent of my idolatry.  How well I remember the moment I decided that I was terribly deficient and they were incredibly rich in what I thought I needed to feel safe and whole.  I turned to them, created a bad soul tie, and the demonically fed attachment wreaked its havoc for years.

         Thank you for the prayer You taught me to pray by the counsel of Your Spirit so that I could be free to put You at the center of my heart.  Though that decision was hurtful to them, for they needed to be needed, it was still the right thing.  Time has proven that.  You will not share Your glory with another.

         I love the life of faith.  I love trusting You.  I even love waiting for You because once Your answers come, they are always so much better than what I prayed for.  You are my caretaker, the One to whom my soul belongs.  By Your grace, I am ever on guard lest I consider making another unholy alliance.  Flash the red lights of warning, my Father.  Keep me safe in Your circle of light.  Amen

(Prayer for severing soul ties) In the name of Jesus, I sever the soul tie between me and _______________.  I repent for having made them an idol and ask You to forgive me.  I render the soul tie with them null and void under the cross of Calvary.  Bind me to You, Lord.  I take all expectations off my past relationship with them and look to You to give me everything I need in Christ.  Amen

3 thoughts on “Prayer For Cutting Soul Ties

  1. This a message many fail to realize is a detrement in their walk with Jesus.
    Hope you don’t take offense to this, but for anyone who has had intimate
    relations in past must also cut those soul ties as well. For each one that
    person had relations with, one is taking in the past intimacies their partner
    has had. God bless and thank you ~ jkh

  2. This devotional so closely expresses my experience with”soul ties” that were broken! Thank you for putting words to the thoughts and feelings if my heart.

  3. Thank you, I am in this place where I have seen that there are some bondages in my life and soul ties. this is timely.

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