There is no fear of God before their eyes.  Romans 3:18

Our emotional lives are so twisted by sin.  The things we should feel – we don’t.  What we shouldn’t feel – we do.  And all feelings are rooted in beliefs.

The One an unbeliever should fear is a holy and powerful God.  Yet, that man or woman holds a position of bravado or casual indifference about Him.  What they fear, instead, are far less important things which make no difference to their eternal destiny. Sadly, those fears even infect shallow believers inside the church.

What do I fear today?  Being alone. Being rejected.  Being poor.  Being sick.  My child’s distress.  A failed marriage.  Being exposed.  Failing in business.  Getting old.  The future repeating the past.

What I shouldn’t fear, I do.  What I should revere, I don’t.  The cure?  Time with God and time in the Word.  Only the transformation by God’s Word and His Spirit will confront my faulty beliefs and, as I defer to the truth of what God is revealing, change my thinking and feelings.

Fear is the biggest tactic of Satan.  But the power of fear to hold me captive can be history.  God can do a work in me to re-wire the way I feel about the things which threaten to paralyze me.  Simultaneously, I will begin to care about the only One I hold in awe; God.  I won’t fear being alone; God is with me.  I won’t fear being rejected; God accepts me.  I won’t fear being poor; God is my provider.  I won’t fear my child’s distress; God is their Father.

Fear of God is what saved me.  Continued awe of Him is what continues to transform the landscape of my fearful soul from one of terror to faith.

My God, may You get bigger in my soul so my fears will get smaller.   I want to live fully in Your kingdom, starting now.  Amen

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