Who among you is wise and understanding?  Let him show by his good behavior his deeds in the gentleness of wisdom.  James 3:13

            Perhaps you’ve noticed that I speak often of a know-it-all.  I know that I do that.  Having come from a background of legalism, and having been wounded in an atmosphere of spiritual arrogance, I am sensitive to this subject.  Great scholars can lack the humility born of experiencing Christ and the grace He offers for sin.

A pastor whom I admire just returned from a mission’s trip to Africa and he made a comment this week.  “Never trust a leader without a limp.”  That’s it, isn’t it?  There are those who think they become great through the intellectual pursuit of a Master of Divinity degree.  That is not true.  Greatness starts with self-awareness and the familiarity with one’s own brokenness.  When I know the pathology of my own wounds and have explored them in the company of the Holy Spirit, I cannot be anything but humble.  Aware that I am a poor sinner, destitute without grace, I will have a voracious appetite for God’s words because they are saving my soul, daily, from sin’s corruption.

We can always tell if the one who is teaching us speaks from a platform of credibility.  Their wisdom falls on our heart like a gentle spring rain.  What about the one who speaks in order to seek respect for everything he knows?  We have a different reaction altogether.  Even if the sermon content is excellent, the delivery repels.  We wince at whatever comes out of his mouth.

Taking James’ words to heart today, I ask God to help me understand how others experience me.  Do I cause others to roll their eyes when I open my mouth?  Perhaps.  Though, I pray not.  I’m hoping you can read between the lines of many devotionals.  The message is this ~ “I could only know this from the desert of my own life.  This very Word saved me.”

Your wisdom is always gentle, Lord.  Even when painful.  You have told me some difficult things but when You did, I sensed tears in Your eyes.  Mold me into a teacher like You.  Amen

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