Daughters of Promise


Then when lust has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and when sin is accomplished, it brings forth death.  James 1:15

            A well-loved rabbi is usually known for his stories, for his wisdom, as evidenced by this metaphor he often used to teach today’s scripture.

            He would tell you that when we listen to the seductive voices of our own souls, we perceive sin as the thread of a spider’s web.  We believe that if we give in, the consequences won’t be that serious.  After all, a thread is thin and easily broken.  In reality, when sin is acted upon, the spider’s thread mutates into a thick braided rope.  The illusion of the thread though ~ trips us up every time.

            I need to believe God about lust giving way to sin, and then sin bringing about death. God hates sin, not only because He is holy, but also because of what it does to His children.  A loving Father begs me never to discount His warning.  How many times have I found out, too late, that God is always right?

            I am guilty of pro-rating sin.  I can see how murder, adultery, or incest; such things would bring about death.  Their fruit appears severe from the outset.  It’s the subtle sin (the one that God takes just as seriously as my other list) that threatens to deceive me.  I cannot see that a lifetime of fantasizing will destroy me.  I cannot understand that vicious thoughts will eventually breed actions and damage relationships.  I cannot understand that ongoing resentment will mar my countenance and rot my bones.

            Spider’s web or braided rope?   Choosing to believe God about sin, how it spreads quickly to weave the strongest web, is what saves my life.  The converse metaphor is equally true ~ When righteousness has conceived, it gives birth to the things of heaven, and when righteousness is accomplished, it brings forth the glory of God.

Search me, reveal my blind spots, so that the cords of sin won’t quench the Spirit inside and choke out any chance of abundant life.  Amen

One thought on “A Thread To A Rope

  1. Joyce Veronica Varlack says:

    Great thoughts. Your new photo is SPECTACULAR!!!

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