Daughters of Promise


Since I have longed for many years to come to you, I hope to see you in passing as I go to Spain, and to be helped on my journey there by you.  Romans 15:23-24

         Those who lead ministries are dependent on God’s people to provide for what they need.  Paul made it clear that He was coming to Rome not only because he longed to see them but to ask them to provide for whatever he needed to travel to Spain.  His needs would include food, money, fares for travel, and traveling companions.

There is a balance when leading a ministry.  I know missionaries who feel entitled.  They have no trouble walking through homes, where they are guests, and ask for furniture and objects they admire.  They offend their hosts and leave a bad taste for missions.  The implication is, “I have given up everything to follow Christ and you haven’t!  Support me!” 

Seeing this abuse, it is easy for me, as a leader of a ministry, to downplay the needs of Daughters of Promise.  I am reminded today that this is an overcorrection and a mistake.  I will be making some changes.  Not only does this ministry operate on the gifts of God’s sons and daughters, but it could greatly benefit from provisions that are not monetary; donated skills, equipment, etc.

If you also labor for the kingdom, you should not hesitate to make your needs known.  We are a team, not lone rangers.  Paul never would have reached Spain before coming one last time to Rome, where he was martyred, if the church had not rallied to get him there.  We might re-label his endeavors  “The Outreach of Roman Church” instead of “Paul’s Missionary Journeys.”

Make sure I ask for what I need without apology.  Amen

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