Daughters of Promise


Pay to all what is owed to them: taxes to whom taxes are owed, revenue to whom revenue is owed, respect to whom respect is owed, honor to whom honor is owed.  Romans 13:7

         Why is it?  If financial times are difficult and there have been several missed payments on a mortgage, the tendency is to hide from the company when they call?  To not take their call might be understandable if I’m having a bad day, but to repeatedly ignore their attempts to reach me is not ‘giving them what I owe’.  If I don’t have the money, money is – at that point – beside the point.  What I owe them is the respect and honor of communicating.  Hiding insinuates that I’m turning a blind eye to my responsibility.

         Hiding is a perfected art.  I can even hide from God when He comes calling.  If I have failed to honor Him with my life, when honor was owed, then He attempts to speak with me about it.  I hide by avoiding silence!  I drown out His still small voice with activity, music, television, and perhaps even drugs and alcohol.  Sitting clearheaded in the stillness of a beautiful spring day is way too much of a threat.

         Hiding comes from fear.  I know because I spent many years hiding from all kinds of things – and people.  I hid because I feared I was inadequate and worthless.  If I had to face creditors, or enemies, or conflict, which could lead to rejection, I believed that I was setting myself up for a confirmation that I was really a loser.

         Hiding is what our human nature does when we have not experienced the security of being loved by God.  Jonah hid.  Adam and Eve hid.  Elijah hid.  Moses hid.  When God called, eventually they came.  They grew up, obeyed, stood in the love of God and faced incredible obstacles.

         So, of what phone call am I afraid?  Let me rehearse it ahead of time.  “Lord, I am loved by you and nothing can shake that.   Because I love you, I will be responsible.  You are my strength and my salvation.  Whom shall I fear?  You are the strength of my life.  Of whom shall I be afraid.”  Then pick up the phone.  Communicate the challenges and good faith effort to repay what is owed.

         And if it’s God who comes calling, sin and failure are forgiven in the arms of a Father who never turns me away no matter how badly I’ve blown it.


Shame.  You came to heal it.  Will I let you touch all of it?  Amen

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