Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, in proportion to our faith.  Romans 12:6

         I can’t believe it.  The implications of being a prophet have washed over me this morning.  A prophet is anyone who speaks the word of God.  That would not be relegated to a few elite but to every child of God.  So, that’s me.  In God’s physical absence here on earth, I stand in for Him and speak on His behalf.  What a sensational calling I enjoy and a sobering one, too.

         The Greek word for prophet means ‘one who stands in front of another person and speaks for him.”  Remember the story of Moses and Aaron?  Moses fainted at the call of standing before Pharaoh and delivering the message God gave him.  So, God allowed Aaron to speak for him.  “See, I have made you like God to Pharaoh, and your brother Aaron will be your prophet.”  Exodus 7:1

         Really, this could be re-phrased for any of us today who are speaking God’s words into our life’s situations.  We are praying scripture over loved ones, speaking for God in church meetings, proclaiming kingdom principles inside a boardroom, and sharing the Gospel with a neighbor.  “See, I am making you like God to ______________, and you are my prophet.” 

         If I had had a real burning bush experience, heard the voice of God calling me to be His prophet, how much differently would I view my purpose and significance?  Probably a lot.  But I must realize today that in God’s perspective, I have been called like Moses.  I am to bring the Gospel to those in my path and lead them from the slavery of sin.  There should be no Pharaoh in their lives except the allegiance they give to their Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

         No wonder we are to consecrate our heart, our thoughts, and then our words to God.  Reckless words reap huge consequences as I speak for God.  He takes it seriously when I spout off without thinking, without prayer, and misrepresent who He is.  If I’ve been careful before now and in awe of the privilege of being one of His spokesmen, my fuses have been blown today in a new way.  I realize that when I speak for God, I’ve become His personal mouthpiece.

Only with fear, and trembling, and complete dependence on You leading me by the hand, Lord.  Amen

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